Did you suffer through an auto accident and think you made out fine. No broken bones or pulled-out muscles, and all you feel is this tingling sensation in your arms or body. Well, the bad news for you is that you are not quite right about the part where you thought you came out fine.A tingling sensation indicates that a nerve has been inflamed and transmitting more impulses. Consider your nervous system’s tingling feeling as overcrowding. Transient electrical impulses flow through the nerves that travel from your spine to your arms while all the movement is effective and efficient. These impulses are subsequently sent to the brain via the brain stem.​

Classifications of nerves in our body

In human bodies, there are three kinds of nerves. Our bodies would not work correctly in their absence. As a result, when our nerves are affected, the actions that the nerves regulate are also impaired. The three kinds of nerves include:

Motor Nerves: The motor nerves are responsible for our ability to move. Motor nerves carry brain impulses across our bodies. Coordination issues, cramping, postural instability, and convulsions can be associated with trauma to the motor neurons.

Sensory Nerves:   Muscles deliver signals to the central nervous system via sensory nerves. It enables us to determine the state of the object we are contacting. Chronic discomfort, high sensitivity to contact, pin & needle sensation can all be symptoms of sensory nerve injury.

Autonomic Nerves: Gastrointestinal, cardiac output, pulse rate, and other automatic body activities are all controlled by autonomic nerves.  Disruption in the autonomic nerves can risk the normal functioning of these systems, resulting in a range of health concerns.Intense pressure on a nerve, on the other hand, constructs a barrier. The nervous system fails to convey the electric signals that ordinarily communicate sensations. It creates typical numbness or loss of sensation. The disturbance can often generate responses when none should exist. It results in a tingling sensation which might be aggravating or unpleasant.

Nerve damage in an auto accident: Auto accidents do have the potential to cause a wide range of traumas. When two cars crash, point-blank force, hammering movements, and sharp items all play a role in inflicting injury to the individuals within. Even though you may consider the scars, broken limbs, and fractured bones the main ailments resulting from an auto accident, nerve damage is also a concern.Nerve damage can be among the most inflicting harms you can suffer, considering they are more challenging to detect and evaluate precisely. Nerve injury causes pins and needles in the hands and other parts of the body. Nerve injury can cause both sensitivity and trouble with hot or cold temperatures and hypersensitivity or callousness to the temperature extremes.

How does it occur?

Auto accidents can cause nerve injury in a multitude of ways. Compression, straining, and severance are the three primary culprits of nerve injury. Each of these things can happen in an auto accident and result in a range of nerve damage complications. Nerve damage is prevalent in auto accidents since each time a fracture occurs, muscle pulls, or other soft tissue damages, the nerves are at risk of harm.

Symptoms of nerve damage

Many people ignore the initial tingling sensation of nerve damage until they experience a wide variety of other symptoms. That is when they take it all seriously. These other symptoms include:

  • Chest discomfort
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dehydration in eyes
  • Immobility
  • Losing control over bodily movements
  • Muscle spasms

Why personal injury chiropractor is the best option?If you have been involved in an auto accident and facing concerns you cannot explain, you should see an injury chiropractor right away. An auto accident chiropractor will conduct examinations. It will foresee if the issues are due to nerve injury sustained in the mishap.

Treatment of tingling in arms after a car accident from an auto accident ​chiropractor is not limited to a single advantage. You not only opt for a safer option without any prescribed medications or surgeries but also seek a professional who will dig deep into the root of the issue. The personal injury chiropractor will then perform desirable manipulations and drills to assist you into a healthier body state.Dr. Zach will conduct a thorough assessment of your condition with which you report to the clinic and confer the leading cause behind your state. You will be in the safest of hands in San Diego & will be all healthy in no time!

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